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About ME

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I’m Austin, a husband, father to a baby boy, and two dogs. I am also the owner and operator of Austin Murray Entertainment! 

My love for music came from my mother. She was an entertainer and singer in Las Vegas for over 20 years. She used to sing at all the old original hotels there but with huge orchestras in the lounges in front of thousands every single week. Long story short, after she had me no one was doing that as much as they used to. So she did the next best thing and became a DJ. My mother was involved in music until a month before she passed away from cancer. When I was 15 years old she got me my first “DJ set up” and that's when this all began. It came naturally to me. It also maybe had something to do with being taught by the best.


I started off as a bass player (still am today). I’ve been in bands my whole life. It’s been a blessing! I’ve been able to travel and see so many places not everybody gets to see! Plus, it’s kind of a lot of fun. In the past, I was in a Guns N’ Roses tribute band. Along with traveling and playing we just got done doing a four year residency at the House of Blues in Anaheim and Hollywood. I do my best to keep on playing whenever I have downtime. I also play in church every chance I get! 


Austin Murray Entertainment has been making waves in the Wedding Industry for over a decade.  With my experience in both the wedding and entertainment industry I have brought every event to life with knowledge, experience, personable personality, and love for music. 


“You set the date, I’ll set the mood”.

Austin Tyler Murray.

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